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Posted by tim in I am BORED! on October 16, 2005

I was just browsing, and I came across this entry:

Dancing: worthless, illogical and loathsome. Therefore I abstain from it. I have, and will continue to do so. There is no rational purpose and use for it, specifically in my scenario and application. And who is to blame but themselves? I fail to see their puzzlement over my stance. They have themselves to blame that I disdain such an art. They can look to the prophetic mirror on the wall, and ask all the questions to please their rationale, they point the fingers of blame seeking to lay it on another, shirking from the pallid face of responsibility and consequence, yet as the queen before them, they cannot change it. They are the ones whom blame will lay the charge at their feet. They are the ones, who when I was young in age, indoctrinated concerning the evils of dancing and how it should be abstained, shunned an abhorred. So I have. And what logical soul sent argument could convince me otherwise? There is no use for dancing! What would I, a nineteen year old male do with such a knowledge? The limitations upon me force and abduction from any use of dancing. Empty and hollow they say I shall dance with siblings. Bah, empty like the promises of Delilah, insidious. What use is that? The festivity at which this art-so-called, is the wedding of my sister. The parting, So that is to be the landmark of this fantasy? The point with which we mark and celebrate is one tinged with abandonment? The one arena in which I maybe convinced to dance, is a floor, with me and a girl I love, and who is not yet my wife. I would not mind learning with her. I will not stoically contravene that I would love to hold a women, in a grip of love. To have a special lady in my life, willing me to love, live, die, care, protect and cherish her. I will not deny the presence of those emotions. However, I will deny the fact that my family would permit in any partition of that in, a dancing arena, much less any arena. This haunted and cursed form of dancing, there is no use for it, practical or impractical. They will not permit me to. Even if it be the disgusting practice with sisters. Sisters are useful practical and wonderful, However, they are not for dancing with. So I have been taught, so will I adhere to. Cursed and damned be those who try to plead otherwise. I am untouchable, your pleas fall not only on deaf ears, but a spurned heart, so begone, enjoy the man of your fancy, forget those who where once captured by yours. Do not pour the salt and bile of embittered memories into wounds inflicted by neglect and forsake. Do not ask us to leap and dance, in hand with joy. We cannot, we are dead to those who have forgotten us.

1) What the hell are you doing, going through 'personal entries?

2) It's pure poetry! :P

  • Posted by Sean (Guest) on October 18, 2005 at 03:46:13PM
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