Idea #1: "Lifetime Goals"
Posted by tim in Project Ideas on October 13, 2005

This project, relatively simple, will be a lot like a blog with a few exceptions:

1) Instead of the entire posts being displayed in a list like the blog, only the titles and ratings will be displayed. Possibly, an additional "Brief Description" field will be added and displayed with the title and rating.

2) The rating, mentioned in #1, will be the result of a ranking system. The ranking will be based on fields such as "Physically Important" (such as lowering cholesterol, etc.), "Something I've always wanted to do", "Assumed Impossible", etc. Once the rating of a goal reaches 100, the goal will be completely possible.

3) If the goal requires financial support, an "Estimated Cost" field will be added. In addition, virtual [finance] accounts will be created for each goal. As money is added to the account, the project's rating will be increased.

4) When a goal is reached, it may be marked as such. This will be the result of a simple field being toggled, such as [SQL]goal_reached ENUM('y', 'n') DEFAULT 'n'[/SQL].

I plan to add more to this in the not too distant future. If you would like to contribute anything to the planning of this project, feel more than welcome!

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