[Rant-o-Matic] "What day off?", "That's what kind of car?!" "I'm buying a Volvo," and "Pfft.."
Posted by tim in Pissed on September 27, 2005

What day off? Well, today was a very interesting day. In a nutshell, it was what I had fully expected.

"Short Dude" from work was supposed to work from 8-6 with "Boss Dude" at the south shop. At about 12:30, "Boss Dude" called up to the north shop, which is where I was working with "Friend Dude", and asked if "Short Dude" was there by some odd chance. I told him that he wasn't, and all was well.

A little while later, "Friend Dude" called the south shop just to see how business was going, and "Dude" answered the phone -- "Dude" was supposed to be off today. A little while after that "Boss Dude" called and asked if I could be flexible with a schedule change for this week. My response was "Sure," but I was thinking "There goes my day off."

A couple hours went by, and "Boss Dude" called again to ask if I could work from 12-6 tomorrow at the north shop. I said "yes" and hung up the phone, and shouted an obscenity in disgust.

Prior to the schedule change, my cousin called me. She works at the Indiana Cebreal Palsy clinic, just on the east edge of Gary, Indiana. I had been there before to do some computer work for them, and they wanted me to come back. They have 2 computers that need "persuaded" to work properly, and they're willing to pay me to do the task. I told her I'd be there at 11:00 tomorrow, my day off.

When I told "Boss Dude" about this obligation, he asked when I could make it to the shop to work, and I told him that I was unable to guess and that I could be busy all afternoon. He said that he could handle working solo until I could get there.

So tomorrow, my day off, I have to work from 11:00 until whenever, then from whenever until 6:00. I have to be back in to the shop at 8:00AM Thursday, too.

That's what kind of car?! Around 3:00 this afternoon, 3 county police cars went south of the north shop, lights and sirens going full tilt. A little while later, a Wheatfield town police car took the same route. A little while later, a DeMotte town police car took the same route, followed by a Wheatfield paramedic unit. A little bit later, a Wheatfield fire truck and DeMotte paramedic unit went south and were met by the previous police officer and paramedic, which were headed north with the sirens and lights still going.

I went to the gas station to get a mid-afternoon snack, and someone in there said that it was a nasty wreck just south of where we were. I went back out to the shop, and shortly after that a medivac helicopter was flying overhead.

When I left the shop at 5:40PM, traffic was still backed up, and I had to wait for 10 minutes before I could finally get through. I saw a green car, loaded up on the back of a flatbed tow truck, and from what I could tell, it was an Oldsmobile Alero. That guess was more than likely WAY wrong, because that car was almost anihilated by whatever it hit.

When I could finally get up to the intersection, I saw an 18-wheeler sitting on its side in the ditch. It was headed north, but was sitting in the ditch on the west side of the road.

My guess: The Alero was hauling, blew off the stop sign, and smacked the semi so hard that it got pushed into the ditch and rolled on its side. I also guess that someone is more than likely in critical condition.

I'm Buying a Volvo. After I got about 15 miles down the road from the terrible wreck, I was greeted by the view in my rear-view mirror of a car coming up on the back end of my truck really fast. They stayed there for a little bit, but decided to pass me, just before the crest of a hill, in a no-passing zone which is also an intersection. Not more than 30 seconds later, some (Edited out) in a Volvo did the same thing, WITH TRAFFIC COMING IN THE OTHER LANE!

Not very long after that, I ended up on her bumper (not literally), frustrated that I had to slow down from 55mph to 45mph, because she decided to keep hitting her brakes.

As we got into town, she blew off every stop sign, speed limit sign, and failed to use her turn signals, only to end up at friggin' Arby's.

When I got to the south shop, the first thing I said when I walked in was, "I'm buying a Volvo." "Boss Dude" asked why, and I told him that they're exempt from all laws applicable to motor vehicles. He looked at me with a puzzled look for a little bit, so I explained the above to him, and he started laughing. When I left the shop, my words were, "I'm going home to check prices on a Volvo."

Pfft. When I got home...Er... Wait... Nothing has happened yet. Oh well. That's the end of this entry.

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