"But the job market is getting better!"
Posted by tim in Pissed on August 9, 2005

Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time I was told that, or for every time I heard "We found someone with better qualifications", I wouldn't need to work for anyone else.

I went to college to get a degree, albeit an Associate's degree, in computer programming. The #1 reason I went to college was to get that piece of paper that said I knew what I was doing. The #1 reason I picked the college I did was because they supposedly had a 95% placement rate of graduates in the job market. That told me that I wouldn't have a bit of trouble finding work after I graduated.

Well, that was somewhat the right idea. The week before I graduated from school, I met with one of my current customers, The Tobacco Control Partnership of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. That meeting turned into me getting my first big web development job, which has helped a LOT in getting my business rolling.

During that project, and after it, I submitted my resume to several job openings that were posted at the college I graduated from, and that I was so totally qualified for. I went for interviews, I showed my work, I asked the right questions, and yet I have yet to land a job in the computing field, not just the programming field.

A friend told me about another job posting at the school, which had an advertised salary of $15/hr-$20/hr. I don't know what the specifics are of that job, but I do know that I will hear the SAME FRIGGIN' THING if I even attempt it.

I've gotten to the point that I quit trying. I have a day job that gets the bills paid, and I have my own business that is in the computing and programming fields. My business is getting to the point that I need to devote as much time to it as I can, or every thing I've worked so hard to get where it is today will go down the toilet.

Here's the kicker though...

One of my closest friends was in all the same classes I was. He ended up slacking off towards the end of his college career because he had financial situations to worry about. One day, he went to a local factory to apply for a position working on the assembly line, asked if there was any chance at getting a job relating to the IT department, and INSTANTLY landed a job as an MIS.

But here's the thing about this... This friend has always needed to ask me for help with assignments. He's always called me to help him with the type of work that he is doing now. Yet he's the one that got the job, not me.

Anyhow, he's now an RPG coder, making well over $30,000 a year, owns his own house now, and is happy.

Here's me, working 10 hour days for less than $8/hr, working 8 hours on top of it for less than I should even be doing it for.

I get so sick of life sometimes. The person who works hard and knows what they're doing gets kicked in the nuts, while the person who never really took life seriously lands an cushy job.


damn, that sucks

  • Posted by Siplus (Guest) on August 10, 2005 at 10:17:35PM
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