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Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on August 7, 2005

Yesterday, I had to transport a transmission flush machine from the shop here in town to the shop up north. The machine stands about as tall as a small bookshelf, and is about as wide and deep as a microwave oven.

While I was heading down the road (getting less than 15 miles per gallon due to the wind drag), I thought to myself, "I could be doing this for a business, if I only had 2 tanks in the back of my truck..."

That's right, a mobile transmission flush service.

The way the machine works is quite simple. One of the transmission cooler lines is disconnected from the vehicle, and the machine is connected in between the line and where it was removed from. Then, the vehicle is started up, and the pump that is built in to the transmission forces the old fluid out, which pushes against a piston inside the machine. On the other side of that piston, new fluid is pushed back into the car, on the other end of where that fitting was originally attached. On average, 16 quarts of new fluid is purged through the entire transmission system, cleaning over 90% of the garbage out of the torque convertor, valve bodies, and filter screen.

So what would the two tanks be used for? One for new oil to refill the machine, and one for storage of the old oil. All that would be required after that is an able-bodied individual to drive the vehicle, funding for fuel (compensated by the service charge), a reasonable rate schedule, and some good paperwork to release the individual from liability.

1) Customer calls the shop, requesting a service call 2) Individual jumps in the truck and heads to the customer's location 3) Individual hands customer paperwork to fill out 4) Individual connects the machine while the customer reads a "How this procedure works" pamphlet 5) The procedure runs (It normally takes about 20-30 minutes) 6) Individual reconnects the fittings and ensures proper operation and new fluid level 7) Individual shows customer the new fluid level 8) Customer hands Individual $99.95 for the service 9) Individual refills the machine on the customer's property (no mess should be made whatsoever) 10) Individual leaves 11) Go to step 1

I think this could be a very profitable business. It's easy work, reccomended to be done every 40,000 miles by automotive manufacturers, and worth every penny to the customer in the long run.

Who wants to invest?

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