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Posted by tim in Pissed on August 3, 2005

Lately, my development server has been suffering from a lot of applications crashing. They usually crash with a SIGEV Segfault. It started a week or so ago, and the crashes weren't that frequent.

Now, today, I can't get ANYTHING done, because commands like a simple 'ls' cause a segfault. I can't even 'shutdown -h now' or 'init 0' because the programs involved with those commands are crashing before the shutdown is complete.

I have lots of remote hosts that I can use for my work, so don't bother offering. The issue with those is lost productivity though. I only have about 4 hours to work on my web development stuff each day, and where I'm only on 256Kbps DSL, it takes quite a while to upload, download, and manage files on a remote server. Dual booting into my preferred server OS, Linux, isn't an option for the same reason, only it is the boot times rather than network times.

So now, I have to put together an order for for a cheap but good motherboard, a processor, and some RAM. Why RAM? Because everything I have here is PC100 and PC133, and a new motherboard will take DDR.

Feel free to go click the PayPal "Donate" button on I need it, not for the server, but for living expenses.

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