Multi-Rant, v1.0
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on June 24, 2005

Stage 1: Work and weather relations. So today, it got up around 100°F. Temperatures this high aren't really that long as the humidity is low. The humidity was probably right up around 100% all day. If you looked out the window at the haze, your clothes would get soaked with it.

Every place I've worked before has made accomidations for the high heat. Don't get me wrong, I love my current employers, but they don't really do ANYTHING for us, other than provide cold water and fans. What would be really nice is if they would let us close the shop early so we can go home and cool down. Or better yet, get a small air conditioner and let us cut a hole in the side of the building, just for it. Instead, we work just the same hours, with just the same amount of customers, and are expected to do just the same amount of "busy work" around the shop. Meh.

Stage 2: People What part of "STOP here and wait for attendant" do people not understand? Does that mean "try to drive the car in the bay by yourself"? Does it mean "we don't give a crap what you do"? HECK NO! It means "STOP HERE!"

Also, just because someone didn't see me check their tire pressures doesn't mean I didn't. Bugger off. You're not getting charged any more either way.

Stage 3: The local community OH MY GOSH! You can't wait 5 FREAKING seconds for me to go to the stop sign, stop, and continue on so you can turn! You HAVE TO go 90mph in a 25mph to get around me.

Hey Mr. Police Officer! See that black Civic that just blew past you? Yeah... Go pull them over and write them a ticket. Yes, that's what you're getting paid for. Put the doughnut down and go give them their proper citation.

Stage 4: The internet Why is it so hard to (illegally) download music anymore?

Why is DSL so friggin' expensive for me?


Stage 4: people in China download music on some P2P sofeware.

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