Posted by tim in Pissed on June 15, 2005

So today I was working at the shop in Rensseltucky again. My co-worker was less than motivated to work, so I was left to deal with customers, figure out the software for the cash register, etc.

Around 2:30, this old coot came in with his '99 Lincoln Continental. He wanted to know how much it would be for us to change his oil if he brought his own oil but bought an oil filter from us. When the guy I was on shift with told him that it would be $18.50, the old guy started complaining about it being a whole $3 more than it was the last time he was in, which was last year before the current owner took over.

So anyhow, we ended up changing his oil, and in the middle of it, he said "I think I'll have you put some new wipers on, too." So, the other guy and I told him what it would probably cost, and the guy was like "Okay, that's fine..."

After we got all done and I read the amount due to him, I thought he was going to have a heart attack! He couldn't understand that $18 + (2 x $13)+ 6% tax was going to be $47! Yes, we get $12.99 for the wiper blades, because they're a lot higher quality than what Wal-Mart sells.

As the old fart rolled out of the shop after coughing up the $47, he said "I'll never be back here again. This was terrible service!"

I don't get it... The guy came to us in the first place because he's LAZY, as do all the other people, and yet he still had the balls to complain about the price, even with top-notch service and products!

Oh yeah, the unmotivated co-worker... Ugh...

We have a cleaning list that we're supposed to do every day, around the shop. There were probably close to 40 things to do on that list. I think his initials were on 4 of the things, and 3 of them I know he didn't even do.

Also, we were supposed to paint the rails arond the pit, and the steps on the one bay... He painted half of the rails and not even a quarter of the steps, and I had to finish it.

Yes, that's right... I did all the frickin' work today.

What did he do? He worked the pit (drop and replace the old oil filter, drain the old oil, grease the fittings if they're greasable) and operated the cash register a few times. Woohoo.

What did I do? Hmm.. Let's see here...

  • Watered all the plants outside
  • Washed the windows on bay #1
  • Cleaned all the trash cans
  • Stocked the oil
  • Wiped off the counter and chairs
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Painted half of the rails
  • Painted the steps

And I did all of this, 27 times over: - Checked tire pressures - Checked the air filters - Checked all the fluids and topped them off if they needed it - Washed the windshield - Filled the new oil - Closed out the tickets and handled the money

So yeah, I'm not too happy with that guy...

And, when I got home, I had to deal with the gateway server being messed up, an incorrect CPU cooler being sent, and my dog kicking into my sore toe.


It's almost like the time when I worked for TK Maxx. Every summer TK Maxx will keep reducing its clearance stock until it ends up being 1. This means that there is a huge section of reduced items; clothes, gifts, bags etc.

A woman comes to my register and says she got a pair of knickers from the clearance section and that they are 1. So I politely tell her that unless they have a 1 red sticker on them they arent 1.

She then instructs me to scan them through the register to see if they come up reduced. I then politely tell her that the registers work on the ticket barcode and price on the ticket, they are not stored on a central server. She argues and keeps telling me to do it..

I lose it and say:

"I warn you, once these go through the register and they show they arent 1, I will be forced to call the manager and get him to remove this action as I am not authorised to remove a scanned item".

It's scanned through and the price is....yes, you guessed it....1.

She goes mental, tells me that im evil, I shouldnt be working here and tells the manager what an asshole I am. The rest of the people in the queue back me up luckily and TK Maxx has one less customer :D

  • Posted by Matt (Guest) on June 16, 2005 at 07:00:10AM

Customers are stupid. But they're always right, right?

Skimmah, sounds like you're a dream employee. Screw the other guy. He's just making it possible for you to be a bigger star. Employers love workers who are responsible like you. (I wish I had some workers like that here.)

  • Posted by Luey (Guest) on June 16, 2005 at 09:26:13AM
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