Ummm... Is this thing rare?
Posted by tim in Confused on April 25, 2005

Several years ago, I got a 1926 Gold Certificate $20 bill in my change for a purchase at a local auto parts store.

I just did some looking to see what it was worth, and the most I found was someone saying that no $20 bills were printed in 1926.

This thing is in pretty good condition for a bill from 1926, which leads me to believe it's either really rare and was part of someone's collection, or that it is a counterfeit.

If anyone stumbles across this post from a search engine, I'd greatly appreciate any input on the images linked below. If anyone else knows anything about this, please post some of it in the comments here. The bill is currently locked up in a secure location.

The Images

Edit: The date is actually 1928. I'm blind. Edit Again: It's not a Gold Certificate.


First of all, it's hilarious that you thought it was from a different date and didn't know what it was, and second... isn't it illegal to scan money!?

  • Posted by Dustin (Guest) on April 26, 2005 at 10:46:23PM

No, it's not illegal to scan it. It's illegal to print it with the intent of using it as legal tender.

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on April 26, 2005 at 11:34:20PM
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