You, sir, are a freaking retard.
Posted by tim in Pissed on January 15, 2005

So I just watched a program on the National Geographic channel about the Apollo program, and how the conspiracies are all rubbish.

I give them credit for trying to make valid arguments and comparisons, but give me a friggin' break; they were blatently wrong on 95% of what they said.

I am going to use some very basic graphics that I have created with some 3D graphic software to prove my point to you.

2 objects, smooth terrain Two identical images on smooth terrain, single light source behind the "camera", casting identical PARALLEL shadows. On the program I watched, the idiot said the shadows, similar to these, were perpendicular!

2 objects, smooth terrain, dual light source Almost the same identical scene, only introducing a second light source. Now, we see that there are indeed perpendicular shadows, converging at the point of origin, otherwise known as the object casting them.

2 objects, rough terrain, single light source Same as the first image, only a rough terrain on which the shadows are cast. The argument was that the terrain will cause the shadows to be land in various directions, thus, appearing as though they are perpendicular to each other. WRONG!

There are many other points that I could discuss about the entire subject, but for crying out loud, do NOT try to tell me that 2 shadows are perpendicular when they are in fact parallel!!!

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