You are a script kiddie. Don't lie.
Posted by tim in The internet sucks! on December 15, 2004

<jmoschetti45> +m was on <TeKKy> Anyone know of a range list? <TeKKy> by chance? teddy TeKKy <Skudd> TeKKy: for what? <TeKKy> ummm <Skudd> i can give you ranges for anything <Sirukin> maybe it's not such a bad idea <TeKKy> thinks <TeKKy> Personal Gratification/educational purposes only... <Skudd> $49.95-$1mil <Skudd> there's a range <TeKKy> :) <TeKKy> ip range <TeKKy> sorry <Skudd> ... <TeKKy> I need universities and suc <TeKKy> such* <Skudd> you've gotta be kidding me <TeKKy> well, I can get my own ranges <TeKKy> just wondering if there is a pre-made .txt <Skudd> coughkiddiecough <TeKKy> and you guys are makers of the box network? <TeKKy> it's very impressive. <Sirukin> skudd: +m <TeKKy> cough exploit tester cough <zshzn> lol teddy TeKKy <Skudd> TeKKy: you are a script kiddie. get a life <-- Skudd has kicked TeKKy from #neworder (kiddie) --> TeKKy ( has joined #neworder <Skudd> ... <Sirukin> haha --- Skudd sets ban on !@* <-- Skudd has kicked TeKKy from #neworder (Skudd) <Skudd> made me work <Skudd> i like that... <Skudd> "exploit tester" <Skudd> nice to know they've made a new name for themselves <Sirukin> ha <jmoschetti45> lol

<Sirukin> hmm <Sirukin> you make me look so witty in that <Sirukin> have me say something really asinine <Skudd> copy and paste <Sirukin> like, "I'm a pink toothfairy"


Yep. Total script kiddie.

  • Posted by jmoschetti45 (Guest) on December 15, 2004 at 09:29:35PM

I'm a pink fuffly berry fairy!

  • Posted by sirukin (Guest) on May 18, 2005 at 08:53:23PM
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