Fear the Yen.
Posted by tim in I am BORED! on November 26, 2004

(23:54:38) Josh: And my English sucks. (23:54:39) Josh: Your (23:54:48) Tim: and my vaccuum cleaner sucks (23:54:56) Tim: make dust disappear (23:55:09) Josh: Speaking of sucking... Is it true that your grandmother can suck a golfball through a garden hose? (23:55:16) Tim: huh? (23:55:20) Josh: Lmfao... (23:55:21) Josh: Nothing. (23:55:42) Tim: you totally lost me there (23:56:10) Josh: "...can suck a golf ball through a garden hose." -- Golf balls don't fit in garden hoses, so that's some serious, serious sucking power. You generally refer to someone's grandmother, implying incest. (23:56:22) ***Josh shakes his head. (23:56:28) Tim: that's a new one to me (23:56:38) Josh: It is to most sane people. (23:56:48) Tim: im going to get some shirts printed up (23:56:51) Josh: Just like, "I've had your mom to appear." (23:56:52) Tim: "Fear the Yen." (23:57:05) Josh: And YOU just lost ME. (23:57:13) Tim: http://www.clappingfetus.com/Flash/peanutbutterjelly.html (23:57:57) Josh: *Eye twitches. (23:58:05) Tim: Fear the Yen. (23:58:18) Josh: If this wasn't my best monitor, the shotgun would already be out. (23:58:50) Josh: All I can think of is Jason and his stupid avatar 'cause of that God damned neurotic, dancing banana. (23:58:55) Tim: (23:58:25) Tim: Fear the Yen. (23:58:34) **GrayFox blinks (23:59:26) Josh: A dancing... Strawberry... With a clock in it's "face." (23:59:32) Josh: *Twitch. (23:59:39) ***Josh feels his head explode. (00:00:17) Josh: That... Was... Fucking... (00:00:23) Josh: Awesome. (00:00:50) Josh: Oh my God... What have I said?! (00:00:56) Tim: Fear the Yen. (00:01:02) ***Josh stabs himself in the eye with his stapler and falls over backwards.

(23:58:25) Tim: Fear the Yen. (23:58:34) ***GrayFox blinks (23:58:44) Tim: http://www.clappingfetus.com/Flash/peanutbutterjelly.html (23:59:40) GrayFox: lol (23:59:50) Tim: Fear the Yen.
(23:58:35) Tim: Fear the Yen. (23:58:49) Boyd: what (23:59:01) Tim: http://www.clappingfetus.com/Flash/peanutbutterjelly.html (00:00:29) Boyd: that was interesting (00:00:32) Tim: Fear the Yen.

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