You want a Gmail invite?
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on September 23, 2004

Or maybe you have a Gmail invite to get rid of... Either way, you'll find this site a blessing, or at least you will when it gets finished.

The concept is quite simple:

  1. You have an invite. You donate it to the site.
  2. John Q. Gmail-lover wants an invite.
  3. John clicks the "Get an invite" link
  4. John fills out the info (Valid email address, etc.)
  5. John gets the invite URL emailed to him
  6. The URL takes John back to the site, the invite is marked as claimed
  7. John is taken to the actual invite
  8. John gets his Gmail account
  9. John gets 6 invites
  10. The cycle repeats for Jane Q. Gmail-lover

Simple, but yet to be implemented. If you want to help out just let me know. I have started the code, so the framework is set. It's just a matter of handling all the requests and forms and such. You know how to contact me.

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