Look at me! (Part 2)
Posted by tim in Love sucks... on September 15, 2004

So today I was thinking. I don't know that I really mentioned my reasons for giving up on dating in detail, so here goes...

Everyone knows my disgust for money. Just because I hate it so much doesn't mean that I don't need it to live, though. While I was growing up, even today, my parents have had to struggle to make ends meet. Sometimes, this has meant wearing worn out clothing, eating sub-poverty meals (if at all), and just going without on a lot of things. I have made up my mind that I will not put my own family through that. Also, I feel that if the man of the house does not provide full financial support, it should be split equally between the couple. Right now, I am a college student. I don't make much money in the freelance work that I do, and it doesn't come in at a steady flow. There are times, like now, that I will go for months without any income at all. Sure, this is where proper financial planning comes into play, but that causes a lot of un-needed stress that can be avoided with the proper career choice and job placement. This is something that I am working on with my current status in college. Sure, I have my AAS already, but that doesn't really guarantee me much as far as a solid job. If I can't support myself now, there's no way I'd be able to support a family right now.

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