Posted by tim in Pissed on September 8, 2004

Bill Gates must die a very slow and painful death.

Last week I reinstalled Windows XP because it was starting to act funky, which is normal for Windows. Today, I went to boot up and I got an "OS Not Found" error message. So, I did what any normal person would do: I popped in the XP install disk, brought up the repair console, and issued a "fixmbr" command followed by a "fixboot" command.

After all that was done and I rebooted, I got the Windows "Welcome" screen, but I couldn't log in. So, after waiting for 30 minutes for the login prompt, I decided to do a quick repair on the Windows install. After it was done, I saw that my drive letters had been switched around and that the "repair" was done on the new C-drive.

As of right now, I am backing everything up from that hard drive that I want to keep and I will be totally wiping it out and reinstalling...AGAIN...

If I didn't need Windows for the work I do, I would just say to hell with it all together.

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