Yeah, enough is enough
Posted by Matt in Happy on September 2, 2004

(17:46:40) Matt: (17:47:21) Macguy: is is safe? (17:47:24) Macguy: < -- in class (17:47:25) Matt: yeah (17:47:35) Matt: its about 9/11 (17:47:39) Macguy: all (17:47:41) Macguy: ahhh (17:47:44) Macguy: ill wqthvn it later (17:47:59) Matt: you will what later?

Macguy is officially a spoon......yes.....a spoon. But at least Tim loves me 7(I wouldn't call it love, per say...) :

(20:37:38) Tim: would you mind assisting me for a minute? (20:37:41) Matt: sure (20:37:52) Tim: i need a file recovery app that works with ntfs (20:37:55) Tim: and i dont want FFR (20:38:44) Matt: (20:39:00) Matt: (20:41:07) Tim: if i weren't heterosexual i'd suck you off (20:41:17) Tim: (thanks) (20:41:21) Matt: np's man


Why must I be quoted?

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on September 3, 2004 at 02:22:40AM
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