Oh no, I wasn't sleeping for any reason.
Posted by tim in Pissed on August 23, 2004

Here lately, I've gotten into the habit of staying up 'till 3:00AM, just because I don't get interrupted after 10:00PM.

Last night, I was up 'till about 2:30AM.

This morning, at 9:00AM, mom came into my room complaining about the internet not working. She said kept getting "Page cannot be displayed" errors, which told me that either 1) the connection had stalled out, or 2) DNS was down.

I told her to reconnect and see if it worked, which it didn't. She said it was still doing it, so I told her that our ISP was down. She called them, said God knows what, then came back and told me that they said they weren't down. She started whining to me about having to get whatever it was done, and got me out of bed to figure out the problem.

I got in at her computer, tried to get to a http://www.google.com/, and nothing happened. I decided to reconnect. I fired up Net Meeting, got to the gateway server, and it wasn't even connected! I just held my tongue and connected. After I did, nothing was working again. I tried to do an nslookup on google.com, and I kept getting DNS time-outs. I told her I couldn't do anything about it and that it was our ISP's problem, so she started whining some more. Within 5 minutes of all this, AOL Instant Messenger popped up with her buddy list, showing people that were online.

I thought, "OK... DNS is back up now..." and opened up Internet Explorer... Yup, it was working again.


So now, she wanted me to do all the stuff for her. I was in the process of doing so, and she said "I really need to sit down. Can you stand up and let me have the chair?"


20 minutes later, she had done a crapload of stuff she didn't need to just to get to some form she had to print out, and ignored EVERYTHING I had said in the process.

Mom: It looks like it stopped. ** Clicks the submit button again ** Me: No, it wasn't stopped. Mom: Oh... Oops... Me: ** Thinking ** I hope she's prepared to have 2 identical math books... Me: I'm going back to bed now. Mom: ** Blathering on and on about useless crap, keeping me from going back to sleep ** Me: ** Farts ** I need to go to the bathroom

Sitting in the bathroom, taking a well-needed crap, she came to the door and started asking me idiotic questions about whether or not it was safe to close the browser now that she had logged out.

So, needless to say, it is now 48 minutes past the time I was pulled out of bed by my toenails, and going back to be is looking kinda bleek.

Tim <-- Programmer -- Not a network administrator

Note: In the process of typing this entry, my connection to my ISP reset for no apparent reason. They are ranking quite high on my "Businesses I Hate" list...

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