You know who you are...
Posted by tim in Love sucks... on March 22, 2004
"People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget
how you made them feel."

You made me happy...
    The day I first met you, you were sitting in the back room
    folding and stuffing letters. You greeted me with a smile and
    a "how are you". I had never met someone so warming and welcoming.

You made me confused...
    After we got to know each other a little better, you said things
    that confused me, because they did not match your behavior. Things
    such as "I'm going to marry you". Yet, when you were around your
    friends, I seemed to disappear.

You made me angry...
    We both spent spring break in Florida. Before we went, we made plans
    to meet up. The evening after we were to get together, you called me
    and told me something like you had lost your phone, or the battery went
    dead. I had no problem accepting this, and we made plans to meet up 
    again, or at least discuss it the next day. When the next day came and
    I didn't hear from you, I decided to call you on the phone you called
    me from the previous day. When your friend gave you the phone, you
    seemed angry that I had even called. You said that we would meet again
    the next day. The next day came, I saw your car, but yet you were nowhere
    around, you did not call me to let me know you were in the area, and when
    I asked you later on the phone if you had been in the area, you said no.

You made me sad...
    Prior to my birthday you said that we would go out on my birthday. My 
    birthday came and went, and nobody said a word about it. When you finally
    realized that my birthday had passed, you and I made plans to go out. They
    were quickly demolished when you decided that you needed to help a friend
    plan another friend's birthday party. Granted, I have probably not known
    you as long as the other friend has, but it showed my level on your list.

You made me care less...
    After repeated times of making and breaking plans because of other obligations,
    I became less and less concerned about actually meeting up. It seemed as if I
    was being taunted, and was nothing more than a waste of time and breath. Each
    time you say we need to hang out together now, I treat it like winning the 
    lottery. The chances of it happening are so slim that I should go try to get
    struck by lightning instead.

Yes, I have not forgotten how you have made me feel, and I am sure I have made you
feel certain ways, but have no idea when or how. I just know that I have been taken
advantage of, and I don't know what to do next.
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