My thoughts on the election
Posted by tim in Politics on November 10, 2016

With all the turmoil that surrounds the result of the presidential elections, I have been finding it quite hard to keep my mouth shut about it. However, I heard some things on NPR this morning that really struck a nerve. Please note that I am not making any attacks on any specific people, but rather am voicing my understanding of the reality of the claims that people have been making.

First off, all this "not my president" crap.

By being a citizen of the United States of America, you are granted freedoms. If you believe that the presidential elect does not meet your ideal views of what a president should be, then that's great, voice that objection. However, unless you are willing to give up your citizenship, you really need to understand that this is the choice that was made, and if you're going to call yourself a US citizen, stop with all the protest demonstrations and find a common middle ground. This goes for everyone, regardless of your political alignment.

Second, the electoral college.

In the past, the electoral college may have been less than true to policy, but all states except Maine and Nebraska follow a "winner-takes-all" approach with regard to the electoral college. Now, there are different numbers of electoral votes per state, yes, and that might warrant some sort of re-evaluation and redistribution, but in every state, the popular vote dictated how the electoral votes were cast, and it resulted in what you see today.

Lastly, the "I'm disappointed in the country" mindset.

Yes, it is disappointing to some that the outcome of the election is as it is. However, if you're really that disappointed in who won, maybe you should consider emigration. If you're not willing to do that, let's get over the whining and complaining and find unity with each other.

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