Posted by tim in Depressed on July 18, 2004

My mom deserves to be slapped upside the head with a book of common sense and morals.

As you know from previous blog entries, she has rubbed in my face the fact that I passed up a relationship with one girl that would probably still be going on, to have a short 2 month relationship with another girl. Mistake on my part, but oh well. It's done now.

Today, we went to the county fair for lunch. On the way back home, she decided she wanted to drive through this one neighborhood of town. Guess what? It was the neighborhood of the girl that I passed up. Guess what else? She was standing outside at the street, talking to someone in a vehicle. I attempted to ignore it, but Mom, of all people, decided to make a huge freaking deal about it. She said, "Let's go back by her house and say hi!"... We went back around by the house, and she was still making a huge deal about it, until she realized that I wasn't saying a word. When we got up by her house she said, "Oh, it looks like they're having a get-together. We should probably just go on home."

For some reason, it isn't bothering me like it has in the past. Maybe because I've gotten to the point that I realize that I can't really change the past. What does piss me off to no end is the fact that my own mother keeps trying to push me into these relationships again, after I've already blown my chances. It isn't so much depression anymore I guess; it's anger.



It's like whenever we go to Chicago Dough for lunch, and she always asks the server, "Do you know Mark who used to work here? My daughter used to go with him. Is he here?"

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