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Posted by tim in The internet sucks! on July 12, 2004

So here I am in IRC, carrying on a conversation with someone. About mid-coversation, 2 other people join the channel, ignoring what was being said, they started a debate in the public channel. This wouldn't have bothered me, except the person I was carrying on the conversation with decided to start another conversation with one of the people involved in the debate. Bored, I tried to join the debate by voicing my opinions. Apparently I was put on the ignore list though, because nothing I said in regards to the debate were acknowledged.

Something that is somewhat stagnant now is my disgust for people taking everything seriously in a chat. Many times I have made sarcastic jokes, as it is my nature, and have left the conversation with the other party being highly offended. No, I haven't said things like, "I slept with your mother," but they have apparently been quite offensive.

I have come up with a few possible solutions to this issue:

1 - Write a filtering algorithm that determines when a person is attempting to be humorous. This could actually be a somewhat profitable project, and I might consider it for a major programming project later.

2 - Use an emoticon such as :P or :D every time I am joking. I have a feeling most of my messages would contain an emoticon then, thus, becoming highly annoying.

3 - Stop chatting with people. If I don't talk to people, how can I offend them? This is one of those points that I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

4 - Destroy the internet. Yes, I am joking again.

So, right now only 2 of those options would work: 2 and 3. I have a feeling 3 is going to be the more widely used one. I have work to get done anyhow.

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