Bike Troubles
Posted by Matt in Pissed on July 7, 2004

I have started this new job that requires me to supervise the laminating of catalogue pages. It is very tedious work, you have to make sure the pages dont twist as they enter the laminator or stop it when the feeder becomes jammed.

The fact that its from 10pm til 6am isnt the trouble, its the bike I am using to get there and back (btw the journey there is about 6-7miles).

Yesterday morning at 6.20am, im about five minutes from my house and the chain becomes all weird, there are rubbing noises. So I get off the bike and see that the wheel is loose. I have a spanner for such an emergency, loosen and then tighten the wheel, it still continues to do it. There must be something wrong so I get off it and walk it home which takes about 15minutes.

I get in and then go straight to bed. I awaken at 3pm and realise the bike will need to be repaired if I am wanting to use it tonight, so I get up and walk it down there. I book it in and im told it wont be ready til the next day........bugger. That means I will have to use this half-breed of a mountain bike that my mum likes call hers.....(it is a little girly and has a MASSIVE seat.)

So I leave for work and I see that the wheel is rubbing against the frame, I turn back and get my stepdad to have a look at it. He says "Ahhh....its ok, it just hasnt been used in a while thats all". This rubbing isnt that bad but I swear it was making my journey double what it was supposed to be. I get about 4 miles into the journey and I encounter this huge hill. I always make a point of riding the hill and so I get out of the seat and pump my legs to get this baby to the top.......and then.......CRASH..................TWANG.............SKID. The bloody wheel has bowed, its stuck and doesnt go round......fuck.

Luckily a mate lives close by and I head for his carrying the bike. I get there and ask if I can borrow a bike of theirs, no problem just have it back tomorrow.

The rest of the night is boring but I get home safely. I wake up to a torrent of abuse (bearing in mind ive only had 4-5 hours sleep) shouting how I could have broken two bikes in one day. I ignore them and go to pick up the bike from the repair shop..........25 later the bike is fixed.....................TWENTY FIVE POUNDS?.......I needed a whole new wheel blahdy blah.

Moral of the story? Never ride your bike up Love Lane, Rayleigh.


25 for a freaking new wheel? That'd be what, $30 US?

I paid $20 for 2 new tires and tubes, plus $0.75 each for rim straps. I have yet to get new rims, which I found cheapest for $80/ea.

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on July 7, 2004 at 04:23:03PM


I had to pay for a whole new rim, axel and all.

  • Posted by Matt (Guest) on July 7, 2004 at 07:15:37PM

You, sir, suck.

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on July 8, 2004 at 02:32:57AM
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