Posted by tim in I hate technology. on June 25, 2004


This computer I have been trying to build for the last month keeps giving me new errors. I'm to the point of giving up, but I can't. I'm too far into it now. I have to find out wtf is going on.

This is a computer I am building for a friend. A $1100 computer. Before, it wouldn't boot. Then, it would boot, but reboot randomly. Now it will boot and run, but when you try to do anything with the video, it freezes or reboots.

It has had 2 different motherboards, 2 different sets of RAM, 2 different power supplies, and now I am trying another hard drive. The only reason I am trying a hard drive now is because the last time it rebooted was when I opened up "My Computer" and double-clicked on the C-drive.

I am probably going to be bald by the time I am done with this.

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