Re: Should I be scared?
Posted by tim in Confused on June 20, 2004

I suppose I should explain this now.

My friend from Bulgaria, MacTeP, was reading through an IRC archive site. He came across this bit of archived text:

<ohm> damn <ohm> FUCK <ohm> DAMN <ohm> i was just in an AIM convo with a chick, and my grandmother's window pops up <ohm> FUCK <ohm> i go like this to her <ohm> "i want to suck on your clit" <ohm> FUCK

Since I found this humorous, I decided to share it with my friend, Alex. The only problem was that he was away when I sent it. When he got back, he and I were talking, and all of a sudden he says:

(21:00:37) Alex: i want to suck on your clit

It took me a while to figure out what he was talking about, but then I remembered sharing it with him.

Now, I seriously hope ohm has explained to his poor grandmother what he was saying.

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