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Posted by tim in Pissed on June 18, 2004

So yeah... Today, as any other day, people were driving like total idiots. My guess: cell phones are to blame.

I had to go fetch some hardware for a project, since Tiger Direct totally screwed up the shipment. I'll blog about that tomorrow after I get off the phone with them. But anyhow, I went my normal route:

US-231 South to I-65 South I-65 South to IN-38 East IN-38 East to Creasy Lane

While my route deviated a tad bit from that, due to construction, I still ended up at the same place.

On my way south on 231, I noticed an abnormal amount of traffic heading north. When I got to a point where I could see the interstate, I saw that traffic was stopped for about a 10 mile stretch. I figured it was a wreck or something. When I got down to the interchange at I-65, I saw that the state road was out routing the northbound traffic to 231 North. There was a road worker out directing traffic for the people coming off the ramps, just to keep things orderly. The dude's attempts failed miserably.

When I went past the northbound offramp, some jackass was pulling off the ramp and attempting to head south. The state road worker was flagging him to stop, and I was going too fast to stop and let him on in front of me. Besides, the guy had a stop sign and a dude flagging him to stop. I had nothing but an open road. So anyhow, the guy still tried to pull out in front of me, even though I wasn't stopping. When I realized that he wasn't going to stop, I decided it was time to lock up my brakes. When I did this, the guy was about 18 inches away from my door and was yelling and cussing at me. When I looked over at him, he had a cell phone up to his head.

As I was pulling on to the interstate from the onramp, I kept to the right, waiting for a semi to get past so that I could merge behind him. The friggin' jackass tried to push me off the road!!!

After I got on and up to speed, I went around all the traffic that was doing 50mph in a 65mph zone. Then, in front of me in the right lane, was a semi doing about 45mph. I tried to go around him, and he kept swerving at me. I backed off, held in the left lane, and tried to wave him on over into the lane to pass the driver's education car that was in front of him. He ignored me, so after about 40 seconds of waiting, I tried to go around him again. This time, when I got about half way around him, he put his turn signal on and started to pull into the left lane. At this point I was doing about 70mph to go around him, and I had to lock up my brakes to avoid a several thousand pound trailer being pulled over top of me. After he got around the car and I was able to make it around him, I looked in the cab and he was on a cell phone. IDIOT!

After I made it to Lafayette, I was on 38 heading east, and some chick in a convertable, with the windows up and the top down, was stopped at a green light talking on a cell phone. At this point I began to get really pissed and began yelling out my window at her. She finally hit the gas pedal and was doing 70mph in a 40mph zone, and turned right into the mall parking lot.

My trip back home was a lot better though. I took all the county roads and avoided traffic almost completely.

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