Really, how old am I?
Posted by tim in Pissed on June 14, 2004

Ok, so today Mom and Dad got home from my oldest sister's place. They went over to have lunch with them. Before the left, I told Mom that I had a lot of work to get done this week, since I'm running my own small business for the summer.

When they got back, Mom said that she was going to make a list of chores for me to do every day over the summer, since I don't do anything other than sit in front of my computer. She basically wrote me a letter saying that I don't do anything and the house shows it.

HELLO!!! I pull my weight around here. It is hard for me to keep up with everyone else's mess when I am working almost 20 hour days to earn a buck. I'm sorry, but right now my customers take priority over dusting the dining room every day. I am trying to develop a strong business-to-customer relationship. If it means sleeping only 4 hours a night, then so be it. I just get sick of the "pot" calling the "kettle" black.

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