Stuffed Pickle!!!
Posted by tim in I am BORED! on May 26, 2004

(22:03:03) Josh: Before I tell you the price (since you're going to spit your teeth out), there's one thing that I need to explain. (22:03:54) Josh: This computer is obsolete. It was a month after I bought it. But I've still been capable of doing practically everything on it. I've had it for a good few years. A system like the one that I have designed would allow me to operate for another five or so years without having my computer become obsolete. Well worth the price, if you ask me. (22:04:11) Tim: so what's the price? (22:04:14) Josh: For the kind of stuff that I do, I'd never need a new computer. (22:04:18) Josh: A little over $3k. :-( (22:04:32) Tim: does that include a monitor and a stuffed pickle? (22:04:44) Josh: Yes. (22:04:47) Tim: pl (22:04:47) Tim: er (22:04:48) Tim: ok (22:05:00) Tim: i was gonna say.. for the tower only, that's a really steep price (22:05:12) Tim: im assuming you're looking at a 19" flat panel (22:05:27) Josh: Yeah... it's got all the hardware, a sweet tower, some custom mods, 19" UXGA CRT. (22:05:52) Josh: The flat panel would've added another $200 or so. (22:05:57) Tim: you do know that by the end of this year, the price will be about $1000 less, right? (22:06:09) Josh: Yes... but $2k still isn't realistic. (22:06:20) Tim: well, with the stuffed pickle, it is

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