Endangered Species
Posted by tim in I Love Music on May 24, 2004

I try to simplify, these thoughts that plague our minds What is this mood we're in, we live like saints with sin How much to dignify, the facts that come to light We've lost the will to fight

At the top of the food chain we arrive (we arrive) Are we destined to grow old Are we really the right strain to survive (to survive) We've got to redeem our souls, souls

Unable to comply, so eager to defy The risk when you apply, it hurts when loved ones die Where is the moment when, existence will depend The test of now and then

(constant ending, no real mending) If we keep on living like we are There isnt a chance that we'll get very far So much wasted, so much lost Its out job to alter the terrible cost

We are the endangered species We're running out of time

(Flaw - Endangered Species) Thanks to Mechanical_Messiah for introducing me to this band.

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