Company Review: H.U.B. Mitsubishi
Posted by tim in I am not Denny!! on December 27, 2011

Have you ever bought something that was rather expensive, expecting the seller to provide you with at least some support after the sale? Wouldn't you expect that in buying a car?

Recently I blew a tire on my car, and luckily I had purchased some tire and wheel insurance for the car when I got it. However, to take advantage of this insurance, I had to find a shop that was willing to work on the car.

I attempted to take the car to the dealer I bought it from, but they were all closed up and appeared to be overtaken by a Cadillac dealer. After seeing that, I decided to head to the next Mitsubishi dealer I had already talked to. See, this dealer indicated that if I brought the car in before 5:00PM, they would get the ball rolling for me.

After driving about 50 miles to get there, I went in to the service department and waited patiently to be served. The gentleman who was working the front desk called for someone else to come assist, and the help he had called for arrived.

This service manager asked me right away how he could help me, but as soon as I told him what I was needing, he told me that he wouldn't even be able to look at the car today, and that it would have to wait until tomorrow.

Okay, wait a second. You're telling me that you can't take 15 minutes out of your oh-so-busy day (they had 2 cars waiting and none in the bay) to just look at my wheel and tell me if you could or couldn't help me?

It gets better though. Since this guy was so busy and couldn't take the time to look at my problem, how did he have the time to ramble on and on about how I should go to their other shop? Also, why couldn't he give me the location of their other shop?

Between this experience and the constant barrage of "buy a new car from us" marketing propaganda they have been sending me against my wishes (I'll normally get 2-3 pieces of mail at a time from them), especially after I've asked them to stop (at varying degrees of niceness), I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to do business with H.U.B. Mitsubishi, nor do I recommend them to anyone else.

You're better off doing some more research and going to a different shop. Don't waste your time with H.U.B. Mitsubishi.

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