Why I'll Never Use Comcast
Posted by tim in Pissed on February 14, 2011

When I first moved to Houston, I had quite the issue with getting internet service established at my new place. Before I left Indiana, I had Comcast and was relatively happy with them. This prompted me to call them up and see if I could move my service with me, to which the answer was "yes". The representative I was working with schedule the install at the new place, and all was well.

The day of the install, I realized I had given the wrong address to the representative. However, the time window that I was given had nearly passed, so I gave Comcast a call. The representative I dealt with then was somewhat helpful, but when she found out that I was trying to transfer from another state, the condescending attitude began quite promptly.

Because of the attitude I was receiving from this agent, I asked to speak with a manager. I was already upset, so you'd think that at this point they would do what they could to make me happy. Sadly, that is the wrong thought when it comes to Comcast.

When the manager got on the phone, she too was quite rude to me and when I asked what they could do to resolve the issue, she informed me in a very rude tone, "This is your problem and it's because you messed up. We shouldn't have to do anything because you tried to do something that we don't do."

I was fuming at this point, but as calmly as I could I said, "Well, I'm going to find another provider then. You just lost a customer."

After having service with AT&T for 3 years, I found that they do not provide service at the location to where Emily and I are moving. The AT&T representative was quite ashamed that they were unable to provide anything faster than the slowest DSL on the market, and he was understanding when I let him know that I would have to seek out another provider.

The Realtor that has been assisting us with this new residence informed me that the cable TV provider was Wavevision. However, since I don't know anything about Wavevision, nor do any of my colleagues, I decided to look to Comcast again.

I gave Comcast a call 2 weeks ago to inquire about their service availability at the new location. The representative I spoke with was very helpful and informed me that they would have to send out a technician to actually survey the property because of an existing agreement between Comcast and Wavevision. He opened a service request for me and gave me the service request number and instructed me to call back in 3 days. He said that whoever I spoke with would be able to look up the service request by that number. What struck me as odd though was that he did not ask me for any contact information. However, I was remaining optimistic that Comcast had changed and that I would actually be provided with reasonable service now.

Before I called in, I attempted to speak with a chat representative and obtain the status of the service request. I should have know what joke this would have been before I started, but the story fits the Comcast profile rather well.

When asked how I could be helped, I told the chat representative about the call I had had a few days prior, and gave him the service request number. He informed me that he had no idea what a "service request" was, nor could he look anything up by the number I gave him. When I expressed my frustration, he then offered to open a "service request" for me.

{Insert ellipsis here}

At any rate, I gave the phone staff a call and talked with them about it. They said they couldn't locate any service requests with the ID I had given them, nor could they understand why the previous phone representative failed to collect my contact information. However, I was transferred to a sales associate who said she would open another service request for me, under the same pretenses, and would call me back within 2 business days. In case she failed to reach me though, she gave me her direct number and extension.

Friday, I received a call while I was in a meeting, so I let it ring to voicemail. However, the caller failed to leave a message. I was unable to call back until today, when the drama continued.

Right off the start, the phone representative I spoke with was rude and far from helpful. I explained the situation to her, informed her who I spoke with last week and that I was instructed to call back. I told her that at no point in their voice menu system was I able to enter an extension, but she quickly let that roll off and asked me for my address.

After finding that Comcast serviced that address, but not that unit, she said they would have to open a service request to investigate the situation. I told her that I had already done that twice before, and that I just wanted to be transferred to the previous representative so that I could speak with her about it. In the same rude manner she was speaking to me at the start, she informed me that they are only phone agents and that they do not have the ability to transfer to other extensions, nor do they have direct extensions. I asked her why I would be given an extension if their phone system didn't support transferring to a specific extension, and she said she didn't know.

Okay, so now I was getting upset and I asked to speak with a manager. She informed me that I was unable to do so because they can't transfer to managers.

At this point I stated, "I am getting really tired of the run-around I have been given. This is the third call I've made with the same result. I'll find service elsewhere," and I hung up.

Comcast is supposedly proud of their customer service, but I cannot understand why. However, unless they are able to rectify this ordeal (which I'm doubtful of), they have permanently lost a customer.


You sure do whine a lot! Go with your local phone company. That's what you have to do when you live in the sticks like me

  • Posted by Albert (Guest) on March 16, 2011 at 10:27:27AM

W0000000000007! F1br3 0p71c5!

  • Posted by seantech (Guest) on May 23, 2011 at 09:06:50AM

It figures. 5 years later and guess who my internet provider is.

  • Posted by tim (Admin) on November 6, 2016 at 07:55:50PM
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