Posted by tim in Confused on December 14, 2009

Tonight after Emily and I got back from dinner, I stopped the car next to the mailbox to get the mail. In the mail was a white card from Houston Police Department, notifying me that my car had been towed and that I was responsible for the fees to release it.

On the card was listed a blue 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer, the associated VIN, and the license plate number. If you've been keeping up with my life much, you'll know that I did recently buy a 2009 Lancer.

Now, my car is not blue as you'll see in the pictures on the link above, but everything else about that notification matches my car. People have suggested that maybe the police officer who filed the report or whatever took and took down the VIN, made a typo in doing so. See, I would agree with that, but the fact that the license plate number matches the number on the temporary tags from when I got the car is just weird.

I'm going to be calling the police department first thing tomorrow morning to find out what's really going on here. My worst fear with it is that somehow my VIN and everything was copied and that either I have an illegitimate car, or someone else does with my same information.

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