Weird Dreams
Posted by tim in It wouldn't fit in any other category... on November 28, 2009

Last night I didn't sleep too well; I kept waking up from some really awkward dreams. One of these dreams was incredibly disturbing though, and I feel like sharing it with you.

In the dream, my Dad, a friend -- a young black man who happened to be a county police officer -- and I were driving down I-65 in Indiana, and we were in heavy traffic. At some point we noticed that the traffic was becoming quite erratic, in that some cars were pulling off to the side of the highway while others were speeding up to very dangerous speeds. In order to keep up with traffic, we accelerated and pulled out to the front of the group of cars where we noticed a roadblock.

Because we had no choice, we stopped the car and the police officers who were running the roadblock pulled us from the car and told us to get far far away from it. My Dad and I were really confused, but we saw that our friend was talking on his radio, calling for backup. He was obviously very disturbed, so this was a serious issue.

Shortly after that, I saw the other officers close up a steel box around our car, and sparks started to fly. As this progressed, I could hear screaming and cries of fear, but something wasn't right with them: They were my screams.

I looked around me to see what was really going on, and I saw a young lady (no idea who she was) absolutely terrified by the sounds of her own screams. But what was weird about her terror was that it was being shown by her jumping around; In her face and voice she was as calm as could be. This all escalated to the point that nothing but the screams could be heard, and everyone fled the area.

At that point it had my adrenaline up so high that I had to wake up and walk around the apartment to calm down. I'm a firm believer that dreams can be used by our own bodies to highlight areas we may have overlooked previously, or by God to show us areas we need focus on improving, or to show us answers to questions we may have asked about our day to day life. This dream doesn't fit any of those categories though, and it has me really confused. Usually I am able to trace a dream back to something I had seen or done before, but not this. About all that is consistent with anything I've done is the crazy traffic (yay Houston!).

At any rate, there's an awkward read for you. It might make a good sci-fi film if anyone wants to expand on it.


Retract anal-probe! anal-probe retracts He should wake up screaming. We're done testing. Let's fall back to behind the moon just in case his head explodes... runs off to spaceship


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Sean, you've got issues.

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