Posted by tim in Pissed on April 28, 2004

So "Soup Dick", his girlfriend, and I, just went bowling. When we left, everyone was in agreement that we were gonna go bowl.

On the way to the alley, his girlfriend decided that she didn't want to go bowling. Soupy tried to ask her what she wanted to do, but she wouldn't say; she just looked out the window of the vehicle and was really snappy with us.

When we got to the bowling alley, there was a large group of Tate-Lyle employees there for some party. We went to get our shoes and such, and the lady at the counter, who was usually very friendly, was a total bitch.

So, we just bowled one game, and came back here, where I will spend the rest of the night talking to people online and wishing people wouldn't be so damned stupid.

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