Re: Panic Attack
Posted by tim in I Feel Sick on December 11, 2008

It's happening again. This time I didn't even get to sleep before it hit. While I was working on getting dinner around I felt like one might possibly get me tonight, and I was right. :(

This one is very mild compared to the last, but the same symptoms exist: total adrenaline rush, trembling, rapid breathing, sweating like mad, upset stomach, extreme sense of fear (though not at all like the last 3 I've had this year), and a weird sense of detachment from reality.

It's possible that this one is tied to stress, as today was pretty hectic and I had to leave some things hanging at work. I didn't really feel stressed when I headed off to bed 30 minutes ago though.

As long as these things don't get dramatically more frequent or stronger, I'll be going to see some sort of doctor after the new year breaks.

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