Roaming Profiles and Vista
Posted by tim in I hate technology. on October 18, 2008

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but back when I was without power from Hurricane Ike, I got a new laptop. I got a Toshiba (I couldn't tell you what model it is) with a dual core Athlon 64, 3GB of RAM, and Vista Home Premium. My first reaction to it coming with Vista was "ew!", but I decided to give it some usage and see what I thought.

So far, everything has gone well. I turned off Aero and all the "this app wants to make a network connection - are you sure?" nag dialogs. This has made the experience pretty enjoyable, and I've not had any complaints thus far. However, I found a couple things that annoy me about it today.

  1. Vista Home Premium doesn't support joining a network domain
  2. There's some issue with the graphics driver (ATI) that causes to redraw certain panels every time the mouse is moved

While the second issue isn't so much a Vista issue, and could be related to Java, the graphics drivers, or Eclipse itself, the first issue is very annoying.

I got the itch a while back to set up a roaming profile server, using Samba from my Linux box, and just have one profile to use on both of my machines. I figured this would also make OS reloads on my workstations less painful, as well as making it easier to get started with a new computer. It appeared to be pretty simple to configure on the Linux and Samba end, but when I tried to join the domain from the Vista box I basically was told "no way, Jose!"

So now my dream of having roaming profiles at home is gone, and Vista has one bad mark against it. I'll keep using it though and hope that no further issues come about.

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