Re: Back in Houston
Posted by tim in Work Sucks on September 18, 2008

Well, the most recent estimate is that power will be returned to MOST of the area, so I'm keeping myself positive about that. I figure I can try to get through the weekend with little to no bathing, and when the power comes back on burn up the shower.

I got last month's utility bills while I was gone this weekend. It was pretty nice to see that having let the air condition run all the time, with 2 computers, it only ran me about $45.00. Water and sewage together were only $8.00 for the month. I'm worried that this next month will be more for the electric though, just for the simple fact of all the damage and repair that is being made.

For tonight, I'm staying with a co-worker - Josh - since he stayed at my place when he first got to Houston. It's nice to have a light, internet, and a place to do laundry. More importantly though, it's nice to have a place to shower.

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