Hello From Dallas
Posted by tim in Work Sucks on September 11, 2008

After 7 hours on the road from Houston to Dallas, we finally arrived around 7:30PM. The company took care of travel - via a Ford Explorer, rented from Avis - and lodging - The Hilton Garden Inn. Food is being taken care of by way of me paying with my credit card, for which I will be reimbursed after presenting receipts upon return to Houston.

The current guess is that we will be here thorough Sunday, working our normal schedule until the point where Houston is knocked offline. By that, I mean the office has been closed due to evacuations and such, and those who remain are working from home. If and when the power and/or internet goes out, we will be thrown into the schedule to help relieve where necessary.

I am in the process of powering down my equipment at home, remotely, simply because I don't want flickering lights to ruin my hard drives. Aside from that, my car was left under the office at Bayou Place in Houston, and it's just a waiting game from here-out.

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