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Posted by tim in Confused on May 21, 2008

Well, this is quite an interesting turn of events...

Over the last few months, the company I have been working for - Touch Support - has been working to get into the managed dedicated hosting market. Yesterday, we all got notice that there was an emergency staff meeting today at 9:30AM, which never happens. Nearly the entire staff was present this morning, as were the company owners/senior management, and a few other people.

At about 9:50AM, Dave announced to the staff that we had been acquired by The Planet.

In general, there is a lot going to change. I am indeed quite nervous of the entire matter, but that's just going to go with the territory. This is the first time I have held any sort of a management title in the IT industry, and I'm really doing it blindly. I know I'll probably figure it out, but jeez...



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