[Food] Review: Scotty's Brewhouse
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tl;dr version: It was very good. Go there. Eat. Be happy.

More detail: Scotty's Brewhouse is one of the better ones I have been to in quite a while. It has a bit of an upscale feel, while maintaining that relaxed pub-like atmosphere. The establishment I went to was in West Lafayette, Indiana, and due to city ordinances it was all non-smoking.

The food was a little high priced, but was still quite delectable. Their signature appetizer, "Dill Chips", consist of breaded, deep fried pickle slices, served on a platter with your choice of horseradish sauce or ranch dressing. When eaten without either dip, the chips have a very tangy yet satisfying flavor. If eaten with the ranch dressing, the tanginess is lessened, while eating the chips with the horseradish sauce has a flavor closely resembling that of cocktail dipping sauce. Overall, the dill chips receive a positive rating from me, and I would recommend ordering a plate of them with your meal.

I ate at Scotty's twice within the last 3 days. In doing so, I not only saw the difference in the Monday night environment versus the late Saturday night environment, but I had the opportunity to try 2 different "main course" items from the menu.

On Saturday night, I ordered the "Monte's Frisco" with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. The portions were very reasonable, and the food as equally worth my time and money. What I recall of the sandwich was that it was a little greasy, which no doubt comes from being served on a toasted sourdough bread. The garlic mashed potatoes could have been ordered "loaded", but I opted for plain. They were quite strong with garlic, but were very tasty. With all that aside, the sandwich was very tasty when dipped in the side of thousand island dressing, and the mashed potatoes added the extra filler needed to make it a meal. I would recommend that you consider this when ordering.

Tonight (Monday), I ordered the "mo'fo' buffalo chicken wrap" with mild sauce and wedge fries. Having a bit of a weak stomach when it comes to spicy food, this caught me off guard. The mild sauce was just about on track with any buffalo wings I have ordered elsewhere, in terms of overall "kick". As I had just left the gym, I didn't push myself beyond the first half of the wrap, but I took the remaining half with me for lunch tomorrow. The fries were nothing special, but were a nice addition to such a meal. As with the previous menu selection, I would recommend this be considered when ordering.

If I had to rate the food from this restaurant on a scale of 1 to 10, I would probably give it an 8.5, docking the 1.5 points simply because of the prices and the strength of the "mild" sauce I ordered.

To rate the service, it would be an easy 10, as the service staff was very polite and on hand for drink refills before they even needed to be requested.

This gives Scotty's Brewhouse an overall score of 9.25 on my high-tech 1 to 10 rating system. Go eat there!


The mile-high grilled cheese was also tasty.

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