Neighbors: Please be quiet!
Posted by tim in Pissed on March 16, 2008

I have lived in this apartment for almost exactly one year. During this time, I have had little to no problems with the other tenents. However, since the start of 2008, this building has been driving me insane.

It started with the neighbor downstairs. I'm not sure what the situation is with her husband, but he is only ever around once in a great while. It makes me think that he is incarcerated but on the work release program, and is allowed to go home once in a while.

At any rate, he was home one Sunday evening, and decided that he was going to play some loud music in the garage. It just so happened that my bedroom was over the west half of the garage, and I was trying to sleep since I had to be to work at 8:00AM the next morning. I ended up burying my head in the pillows enough that I didn't have to hear the noise from downstairs, and I fell asleep.

Not too long after that, the couple who lived in the apartment directly next door, my current apartment, started having marital issues. My guess was that they worked the night shift somewhere, and lived their "daytime" late at night. Well, they decided that even though it was 2:00AM, they would fight about the stupidest things, and would do so with a very raised voice and lots of profanity. It was bad enough one night (that I was staying up late anyhow), I had my music turned up somewhat loud and could still hear them. Luckily they moved out, and I haven't had any problems with them since.

More recently, the older gentleman across the hall at the other end of the building was having problems with his daughter. They came home one afternoon when I was working from home, and were yelling and cussing at each other from the moment they entered the building. A little while after they both went into their apartment, someone left and slammed the door so hard that the dishes in my kitchen cabinets rattled.

Yesterday when I was cleaning my kitchen, my doorbell rang. I dried my hands and went to see who it was, when I found nobody but two young males sitting in their grandparents' car with a nervous look on each of their faces. I looked around and found nobody else, and asked if they rang my doorbell. When they said no, I asked if they saw anyone else. After they told me that they were the only ones out there, I came back up and went back to my cleaning. After a few minutes had lapsed, the doorbell rang again. I went to see who it was and found nobody but the kids outside. It continued for about 15 minutes, then stopped for a while. When it rang again, I went downstairs to see if someone was indeed outside. When I got down there though, I saw the grandmother walking from her car to the apartment. I informed her that the kids were playing with the doorbell and I was getting annoyed by it, and she said she would take care of it. Not 5 minutes later, it rang again. I ended up just unplugging the indoor unit of the doorbell, and all has been well since.

Just a little bit ago, someone was in the hallway yelling. I couldn't tell who it was, but it was shortly followed by slamming doors and more yelling. My hope is that it doesn't continue tonight since I have to work in the (late) morning.

I'm just getting really frustrated with the inconsiderateness of other people. Why can't they respect the quiet people and live by their lease? When I go to pay my rent this week, I will say something about the doorbell and the slamming of doors. I'm not expecting much to be done about it though.

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