Yay Comcast
Posted by tim in Pissed on January 28, 2008

Before I go into this rant very much, I should probably let you know what's been going on over the last 4 days.

Friday evening, I spoke with the landlord about moving into the larger apartment next door. It wasn't a huge move, and they were more than happy to modify my lease accordingly. I spoke with the utility companies (Duke Energy and Comcast (Comcast just bought the previous provider, Insight)) about transferring the service. Neither company seemed like it would be an issue. I spoke with my sales representative at Comcast on the phone last night, and he took down all the information and said the transfer would all be done today.

This morning I went to the Duke Energy office and took care of that transfer. It was quick and painless. Shortly after I got back to the office, my cell phone rang. It was the technician from Comcast, who just wanted to make sure he was going to the right place to do the right thing. He said it would all be done by the time I got home, unless there was a wiring issue inside.

Sometime around 4:00PM, I looked in one of the chat rooms I'm always signed into, and I was still signed in from home. I thought "WTF? Do they really suck THAT bad?", but I went about my day. When I just got home a little bit ago, I fired up the TV in my bedroom: Nada. I then tried the TV in the living room: Same deal. This brought me to where I am now; leeching off my own wireless that's still connected in apartment #5 (the old apartment), and wondering what the heck (didn't) happen today, and why.

Ugh. I e-mailed the sales rep and explained my frustration to him, and that I need to be completely out of the other apartment by Wednesday morning, including my network equipment. Let's hope I get some sort of productive response and/or compensation.


Maybe he hooked up the wrong apartment. That's happened to me before. Comcast sux0rz.

  • Posted by Fufu (Guest) on January 29, 2008 at 06:34:03AM

Well, they came out tonight as a repair call, and the tech said that whoever hooked it up hooked up the right apartment, but the wrong jacks.

  • Posted by tim (Guest) on January 29, 2008 at 07:20:32PM
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