I have started a Spotify Playlist of songs that I think have a very distinctive bass sound. A lot of this revolves around the technique, rather than the tone, and I feel it's a lot of very fundamental bass styles that most strong bassists are able to base nearly all of their playing from. Granted, a lot of these songs are pretty new, and they're probably influenced by others for similar reasons.

The songs that I started this list from are:

The last two in this list were very influential in my desire to play bass when I was a teenager. Now that I've got almost 20 years of dabbling with the bass under my belt, I figure it's time to get serious and refine my skill. Studying these songs, along with the (currently) 15 others on the list I think will be a great place to start with that.

I don't really know what my schedule for this effort will be, but I think I will start with sharing the outcomes here on my resurrected blog. Maybe they'll even be helpful or interesting for others!


I have failed to do anything with this other than adding songs to the playlist.