Last year I was dealing with a sinus infection that took a long while to shake. Since I am immunosuppressed and since the wife and kid were still going out and about somewhat, I figured it was wise to sleep in the other room for quite a while. I probably slept in there from April to July, if not longer. At some point though, I ended up back in there.

Later in the summer if not early autumn, I woke up one morning to this. It may not look like much in that clip, but it was an aggressive twitch that lasted well after I got up and moved around.

Since then, it's happened off and on quite a bit, but getting more frequent as time goes on. Somewhere along the way it also started bring really off-the-charts intense muscle cramps.

My diet, exercise (or lack thereof), and medication routines have been pretty much the same for the last few years. However, in late 2019 I started dealing with what I determined to be called "transient aphasia", mentioned in the previous blog entry. When I sought medical attention for that, about 4 MRIs revealed some areas of interest in the white matter in my brain, and the report suggested a 6 month follow-up.

Well, after that, the whole COVID lockdown thing happened and I pretty much didn't leave the house for 9 of the 12 months of last year.

This twitching has me concerned enough that I decided last month that I should get an appointment with my primary care doctor. I finally went in to see her this last Friday and she said it was either a thyroid issue or that it was multiple sclerosis.


The thyroid thing, she said, could be treated and I could expect a full recovery from it. That is, if that's what it was. Labs were drawn and I'm still waiting to receive the results.

If it's MS though, that's going to be a fun ride. She told me to go ahead and schedule with the neurologist I saw last year, as he was an expert with MS diagnosis and treatment. So today, I finally got through to the neurologist's office and have an appointment scheduled for the end of the month, the soonest they could fit me in.

I was just sitting here, about to go to bed, and all of a sudden my hand cramped up really hard. It held that way for about a minute, and has since been feeling really stiff, sore, and kinda crampy but not. I wanted to shout as loud as I could in pain, but the wife and kid are 10 feet from me, sound asleep, and I didn't want to disrupt them.

I suppose now that I've brought y'all up to speed on that, I should go medicate and get myself to bed.

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